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Bull Sales

We offer our APR bulls on farm from 18 months of age. All bulls are assessed for structural soundness, temperament and serving capability by veterinarians.

Female Sales

Each year Scotts Angus offers a large line of quality heifers.

All sale breeding females are inspected for structural soundness, temperament and body condition by independent evaluators prior to sale.

Scotts Angus bulls are ready for work and available for sale by private treaty all year round.

Scotts Angus Sale Bull Quality Assurance Program

To provide our clients with maximum return on their investment, all Scotts Angus sale bulls are:

  1. Weighed at birth
  2. Performance recorded APR with Angus Breedplan
  3. Vaccinated for 7 in 1, Vibriosis and Pestivirus (two initially, and annually thereafter)
  4. Assessed by qualified veterinarians for serving capability: Structural soundness, testicular soundness and preputial function all recorded
  5. Fully guaranteed for two years.

Scotts Angus encourages all clients to:

  1. Continue the vaccination programs
  2. Monitor their bulls regularly for soundness, especially during the breeding season
  3. Observe whether their cows are returning to oestrus
  4. Contact us as soon as any concerns arise.

The Scotts Angus Guarantee

If a client is concerned their purchase may be unsound for breeding, We will accept the salvage value of the original bull and provide a replacement bull of the same value.

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